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Transport patients or supplies quickly and easily with just one bearer, over a variety of terrain. 

Patient Transport


Protect your patient from hemorrhaging and additional nerve, vascular, bone and muscle damage.

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The LifeBox 50 is rugged, requires no power, and can maintain temperature for 40-50 hours.

Climate Control


This easy-to-use fiberglass moldable utility splint is available boxed or in individual kits.


Domestic Sales

FareTec, Inc is a medical device manufacturer founded in 1991. Our facility is located in Painesville OH, 20 miles East of Cleveland. We specialize in devices for pre-hospital care in both the civilian and military markets.

For many years the company's primary focus has been on splints and various immobilization devices. The QD-4 hare style leg traction splint has been an industry standard along with our ladder splints and utility splints. FareTec drastically improved traction splinting with the introduction of the CT-EMS & CT-6 leg traction splint. These devices utilize superior mechanics and modern materials for immobilization.

In 2009 FareTec Inc. launched a climate controlled containers series; the LifeBox50s. The LB50 has been designed to meet rising demands for administering cold therapy treatment immediately following cardiac arrest. They are also commonly used to keep medications at their appropriate temperature for extended periods of time. The FastSet-3 was also developed in 2009 to provide a more rigid immobilization alternative to the market. This same year, the FastSet-3 won the EMS "Top Product" innovation award.

In 2011 FareTec Inc. added a patient transport device known as a Wheeled Litter Carrier, to the product line. It was named JPOC (Joint Product of Choice) by the U.S. military and is quickly becoming a staple for patient transport in both the US Military and Civilian Markets. In 2013, the EL2000 won the EMS "Top Product" innovation Award.

FareTec has a number of partnerships in the U.S.

International Sales

Established in 2005, Responder Products was born out of a need for small to medium sized companies to utilize joint resources to facilitate growth into target export markets. After it's establishment, Responder Products has developed strong relationships with distributors around the globe to enhance several companies' international marketing potential.

To date, Responder products has established an extensive network of world wide distributors and agents in nearly every corner of the globe. Responder Products maintains their focus on EMS, Military, and Search & Rescue in various target markets. The most recent focus has been on IFAKs and items within it that are essential to life saving scenarios. Most of these are targeted to “stop the bleed” of a patient suffering a life threatening wound. The focus is on hemostatics, chest seals, tourniquets, compression bandages and gauze, NP tubes, and other similar devices. These accessories combined with our own in house IFAK bag designs make for excellent product opportunities.

We also work with a number of distributors internationally.